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The UK has a wide variety of food and drink available, with many different styles, cuisines and tastes. Many of the best restaurants in UK are located in London as it is a diverse metropolis that offers a huge variety of everything from Thai to American.

Having said that, there are some fantastic restaurants in the UK and around the country that have been voted as best restaurants in the UK by critics, consumers and bloggers.Find more about restaurant kristiansand here. 

These restaurants offer a diverse range of cuisines ranging from Indian to Italian. Each restaurant is unique with its own charm, decor and atmosphere.


London has a lot of fantastic restaurants, but there are also many scattered around the UK. For example, the Pied Bull in Oxford is a fantastic restaurant that offers some very high quality food and drink that can be enjoyed by anyone. More info about spisesteder kristiansand here.

Lovely Garden

They even have a lovely garden where you can sit and enjoy the weather whilst indulging in some great food.

Great Restaurant

Another great restaurant that is located further north than Oxford is The Priory in Alnwick (Northumberland).

Voted As

This restaurant has been voted as the best restaurant in UK by a host of different professional and consumer magazines.


The best restaurants in UK are a great place to go and enjoy a wide variety of different cuisines click here to know more about hos moi kristiansand. There are some fantastic restaurants located all around the country that offer top quality food and drink, so it is easy to find somewhere that you will enjoy whenever you want to come back. 

They offer a varied range of food and drinks ranging from great pizzas to very good steaks.

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Many More Restaurants

There are many more restaurants that have been voted as the best restaurants in UK and throughout the country, but this is a list of where readers have voted for their favourite places to eat in different categories. The categories include "The best gastropub", "The best steakhouse",